Myanmar Coastal Conservation Lab @ PointB Design + Training

A very exciting part of my current work is my close collaboration with the Myanmar Coastal Conservation Lab – part of the social innovation lab and training center, Point B Design + Training.  These bright young researchers have been trained in Design Thinking, have experience working on diverse human-centered projects, and are passionate about improving conservation and environmental management in their country.

We have been working together since 2016, beginning with various small projects as part of my postdoc, and now on the Gulf of Mottama Project. Our work together is primarily focused on research training at two local universities, as well as conducting research for the Gulf of Mottama Project. They are also excellent at facilitating workshops and meetings!

We hope that this can grow into an important hub for training well-rounded conservation researchers in Myanmar!

To learn more about MCCL, please check out the website and Facebook page!