I am a social-ecological conservation researcher and educator, project evaluator, curious traveler, ocean enthusiast, writer, dilettante-ish language learner, ally-collaborator & Communication Regulation Partner (CRP) to my amazing minimally-speaking autistic brother, and a generally-concerned-with-social-justice human. I also make really good seitan.



Why we need conservation realism

Welcome to the Conservation Realist publication!

In the conservation world, there are often starry-eyed calls for optimism. “Hope spots” and “bright spots.” A common rallying cry: “We have to show that it’s not all doom and gloom!”

What’s often ignored is that there is a vast and rich middle ground between optimism and doom. It’s realism. And we need more of it to be incorporated in mainstream conservation conversations and actions.

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Journey Mapping: A research tool for empathy

As a conservation researcher whose work focuses on the interactions between conservation efforts and communities, a critically important part of my job is to better understand people.

Design Thinking & Conservation

With thoughtful and responsible use, Design Thinking can substantially contribute to more effective, equitable, and ethical conservation practices.




I told Papa all about what you’ve been doing, all of your great progress. I saw him, fleetingly, this morning. He was thrilled, of course. Profoundly. In awe, with that gentle, groundswell of a “Wow!” and raised eyebrows and wide, beaming eyes. That’s it.…

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Skies Revolve

It is oppressively sunny, blaring, glaring.  I’m in the upstairs living room with heat streaming in the rows of windows, sitting compressed under the heavy air, bleary eyed, frantically hunched over the computer, disheveled.

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Minutes & lifetimes

Minutes & lifetimes Ten minutes. Ten minutes of sitting on the edge of a pool somewhere in a suburb of Jakarta, eyes closed, breathing steadily, legs dangling in the water as I tried to not let the occasional mosquito fly-by distract me. At the…

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