I’ve studied & worked in conservation since 2003. Over the years, my work transitioned more and more toward focusing on conservation as a social process. In other words, following animals in forests and at sea shifted to conducting interviews of people (mainly fishers and their families). A unifying theme of my work is systems – people, ecosystems, contexts, situations, and the connections that link them all.

I no longer have a full-time career since choosing to be my nonspeaking autistic brother’s communication support, but I stay active in the field in ways that feel useful and stimulating.

At the moment, my conservation work is mainly defined by:

  • Consulting via my company, Keiruna Inc.
  • The Conservation Realist newsletter and podcast, launching April 2023
  • Training for Impact in Conservation, a program of online courses teaching cross-cutting skills and mindsets for those in the sector (launching September 2023)

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