from Sept 18:  We’d just come from a sighting of 5-6 pesut foraging in the tributary to Muara Siran, and I’d grown a little frustrated by my seeming inability to pull it together and take focused photos…it was a tricky sighting, with the dolphins surfacing all scattered about and at long intervals, and we spent an hour trying to get good photos.  I was actually relieved to leave the uncooperative dolphins (jerks!) and move on.

As we arrived at the confluence with the main river, Jian exlaimed, “Pesut!”

And there was indeed a pesut.  One individual, foraging, in water littered with water hyacinth and other debris.  Rarely easy to get a photo of one solitary pesut foraging…

Which is why I felt like a champion when I managed to get this shot the next time I saw our lone pesut surface (once) a few minutes later.  Redemption!

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