Exuberantly feeding.

Back in Samarinda today after a wonderful field season on the Sungai Mahakam.

Behavior noted during yesterday’s pesut (Irrawaddy dolphin) sighting:

“Feeding/foraging, moving upstream. Exuberantly. Farewell party.”

feeding exuberantly.

We had a great sighting late in the afternoon, on our last day of fieldwork on the Mahakam River.  Lunging, low  jumping, sideways swimming with tail swipes…we stayed with the pesut for over an hour as they made their way upstream from Muara Pela to Kota Bangun.   Good thing that Jian disagreed with me when I suggested turning around and going home earlier.

The lighting was low, so the photos are grainy (had to up the ISO), and I’ve found it hard to take sharp photos of these river waddies (they like to pop up hither and thither – my manual focus skills are not yet up to speed!).  But we got good ‘nuff photos for the fins, and some cool shots of the frolicking.

Also had a bonus otter sighting – thanks to the keen eye of ace boatman, Darwis.


Realized that the ‘Waddies have given me nice send-off sighting on the last day of survey at each of my completed sites – Malampaya Sound, Guimaras Strait, and now, the Sungai Mahakam.  Which raises my expectations for what will happen during my last day of survey in Trat, sometime in January or February 2013…

A great way to end a wonderful, mellow, fun field season.

Until we meet again, take care & keep smiling, Waddies (and people and other critters) of the Mahakam!

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