Off to the river

There’s something kind of languid about the phrase “the river”.  Down by the river.  Rollin’ on the river. Off to the river we go.

My newest field book is labeled and ready to go. I’m…somewhat packed.  I’m semi-organized.  Research permit stuff seems to be complete.  It’s time for fieldwork!

Will be focusing on the Central Kutai area on the Mahakam River for the next 4 weeks or so, doing the usual dolphin-human activity boat surveys, photo-ID, questionnaires, and key informant interviews.  We’ll also be doing some visual observations to complement acoustic research being conducted by colleagues from Japan.

Not yet sure where exactly we’ll stay, or what the exact schedule is, but that’s fine!  There are options around, and the city of Kota Bangun (in the middle-ish of the study area) is large enough to supply most of our needs that might come up.  I’m anticipating a relatively low-pressure, fun, relaxed field season.  Because…we’ll be rollin’ on the river.

I also anticipate eating a whole lot of tempeh and sambal.  There might be a whole lot more Tara to love in four weeks…

And so, I’m off to bed to rest up before the start of my last field season of 2012!  Won’t be updating until the end of September.  Fingers crossed that I’ll have plenty of gorgeous scenic photos and crisp, life-like dolphin photos to share.

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