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One of the reasons I love what I do is the travel – and my less research-oriented travel blog  entries will now be posted on this site and archived at the Ravoravo Roving Ramblings link in the top menu.  (Posts were previously at the separate blog Ravoravo Roving Ramblings).  With these posts, I keep friends and family updated on the adventures and misadventures and even some of the more mundane details of my wanderings.

About this blog:  “Ravoravo” means “happy” in Sakalava, a dialect of Malagasy spoken in northern Madagascar.  It’s one of my favorite words, from one of my favorite places.

Ravoravo in Madagascar

If you’re reading this, you likely already know me.  This is mainly for my loved ones and friends who want to follow me on my adventures.  Entries are likely largely copied-and-pasted from my personal journal, and are likely to feature awesome flavors ofpotato chipscoconutshostels burning down, and other non-research related travel experiences as well as thoughts related to the official reason why I travel (research).  This blog used to be onblogspot, but I decided wordpress looked more snazzy.

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