Exploring and writing about the wonderful world of conservation & communities

Keiruna Inc. is my corporation, through which I work as a consultant on conservation-related projects, research training, and freelance writing.

I am a social-ecologist for hire who seeks to link creative ideas with on-the-ground, socially ethical solutions to conservation challenges. I am fascinated by the systems that shape the world we live in, and how these systems influence how we can translate words and ideas into meaningful action. In the conservation realm, I have embraced systems thinking as a vital approach to understanding and evaluating conservation impacts, with a strong focus on human experiences. I am passionate about improving how conservation functions in developing countries, using my extensive on-the-ground experience (primarily in Southeast Asia) and exciting ideas from Design Thinking to train young researchers, conduct novel research, and evaluate projects.

In the process, I am continually shaped – personally and professionally – by the people, places, and issues that I encounter. I enjoy sharing these experiences and the ideas they inspire through non-fiction writings.


  • Qualitative & quantitative project evaluation
  • Marine megafauna bycatch assessment
  • Conservation as a social process


  • Core skills: systems thinking, critical thinking, mindfulness
  • Proposal writing, presenting research to stakeholders
  • Social-ecological methods


  • Conservation-related topics for diverse audiences
  • Travel stories
  • Essays on the environment, travel, tourism, life, etc.

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