This year, I am finally able to put some time into non-academic, non-technical writing, along the lines of science writing for general audiences, nonfiction, and personal essays. I hope to get more into freelance writing as the year progresses, whenever I can find enough time between research contracts to put some hustle into building a stronger portfolio and gaining experience as a paid writer. It’s daunting to start, but now’s the time!

Interest areas include: conservation ideas, information, stories, perspectives (including useful approaches and tools, underrepresented voices, and lessons learned); social justice (including but not limited to feminism, autism representation, immigrant and refugee rights, indigenous rights); travel (both travel stories and essays on deeper issues in travel/tourism); personal essays (including grief, family, life pulled between travel and home, what-have-you).

Reading has long added color and depth to my life, broadening my view of what it means to be human. It is exciting to envision being an active part of that process of communicating ideas and impressions in a way that moves others. Writing allows me to process and understand my own experiences, helps quell my (perhaps unhealthy) anxiety over preserving meaningful moments and events, and offers a way to have a broad impact through dispersing important ideas. I find great solace and clarity whenever I am able to express myself through writing; I also enjoy just playing around with words and phrases to convey a certain tone or impression – it truly is an exercise in creativity, even with nonfiction writing. And, humbly, I feel that I have had some relatively unique experiences that I would love to share with others.

I am excited to dive in and explore my written voice beyond the usual dry, technical academic writing style.

Current writing:

Currently, I am building up a portfolio of writing over at Medium, including non-technical writings on:

  • Conservation, particularly marine mammal conservation in developing countries
  • Small-scale fisheries
  • Environmentalism
  • Travel, though not in an Eat-Pray-Love way…
  • Life (without being too pretentious about it), including grief, autism awareness, dogs, feminism, and the San Diego experience

Links to these, as well as older blog posts (so, a bit less polished!) can also be found on this website (conservation, travel, and personal essays).

Autism awareness

I am currently working to become a more fluent communication partner to my brother, who has autism; we use Spelling to Communicate, and we have learned that he is a remarkable, unique, eloquent writer, and that we have shared passions in travel, social justice, and food. We are hoping to someday embark on joint projects together, but I am also eager to have his voice featured independently.


Deep Sea News: Beyond drug lords and conservationists: Who is missing in the coverage of the vaquita’s demise? May 2017.