Trainings, Workshops, & Outreach

Our approach to trainings, workshops, and outreach centers the participants – what do they want to learn or practice, how do they want to engage, and how can we design (and evaluate and adapt) programs and activities to be truly inclusive and effective?


We generally take a multi-layer approach to developing trainings:

  1. Core mindsets and skills: Critical thinking, systems thinking, and mindfulness
  2. Knowledge: Broad background information (as needed) for the topic at hand, then efficiently moving to specific information needed
  3. Specific technical skills: The skills needed to carry out work in the given topic/area of interest, ranging from cross-cutting skills (e.g., Microsoft Office, presentation skills, data entry and management, writing) to research methodologies (e.g., interview techniques, field surveys) to basic project management (e.g., preparing a research budget).

Trainings include: Foundational skills (e.g. proposal and report writing, research design and processes, interview methods, data management, academic reading for ESL students, presentation skills; critical thinking, systems thinking, mindfulness); Specific topics (e.g. rapid assessment of marine megafauna bycatch in fisheries, gender issues in natural resource management, marine conservation topics, presenting research to stakeholders); Research team training

Facilitation experience in: stakeholder consultations; research and planning workshops; discussion-based research symposium for stakeholders

Outreach examples: Village awareness campaigns on marine mammal conservation; public presentations; guiding outreach strategy for Myanmar Coastal Conservation Lab

Design Thinking & Conservation

With thoughtful and responsible use, Design Thinking can substantially contribute to more effective, equitable, and ethical conservation practices.

Developing an Innovative Conservation Training Program

At the Myanmar Coastal Conservation Lab (MCCL) at Point B Design + Training, we’ve developed a thoughtful, remarkably effective training program to build research and conservation skills and knowledge and to cultivate the passion that many youths have for environmental work. We designed this as part of the Gulf of Mottama Project’s (GoMP) Conservation and…

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Birthdays, viruses, & coming home: Clarity in a time of confusion

My father died in 2018, of pneumonia following a brutal flu infection. The experience of watching him wither away on a ventilator, and the profound, immense world of emotion and realization that I fell into, changed me in ways that I am still trying to grasp. This is something I wrote about the emotional struggle…

Myanmar Coastal Conservation Lab @ PointB Design + Training

A very exciting part of my current work is my close collaboration with the Myanmar Coastal Conservation Lab (MCCL) – part of the social innovation lab and training center, Point B Design + Training.  This unique, innovative group builds skills and develops solutions for the future of coastal conservation in Myanmar, with a focus on youths….