I thoroughly enjoy providing any insight and feedback that I can to colleagues and students, and often do so informally.  However, where my involvement entails more dedicated efforts, I lend my time and energy under the title of “consultant.”

The extent of my involvement varies across projects, but in general, I can provide:

  • General information on conducting social-ecological research, as tailored to each project
  • Short-course modules on social-ecological research
  • Designing meeting or workshop agendas
  • Sample protocols (with basic training in protocol use), with a focus on protocols that can be readily used in funding-restricted settings (e.g., developing countries)
  • Collaborative feedback on project design
  • Information compiled from peer-reviewed articles (often inaccessible to researchers and institutions in developing countries), reports, and other secondary sources
  • Assistance with writing reports and/or papers in fluent English
  • Facilitating communication across projects, organizations, and countries

Rates for this work vary – please contact me if you are interested in having me work with you, and we can discuss logistics!