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Journey Mapping: A research tool for empathy

As a conservation researcher whose work focuses on the interactions between conservation efforts and communities, a critically important part of my job is to better understand people.

Why we need conservation realism

Welcome to the Conservation Realist publication!

In the conservation world, there are often starry-eyed calls for optimism. “Hope spots” and “bright spots.” A common rallying cry: “We have to show that it’s not all doom and gloom!”

What’s often ignored is that there is a vast and rich middle ground between optimism and doom. It’s realism. And we need more of it to be incorporated in mainstream conservation conversations and actions.

Design Thinking & Conservation

With thoughtful and responsible use, Design Thinking can substantially contribute to more effective, equitable, and ethical conservation practices.


Originally posted on SAFRN Blog:
Yesterday, I came across this story by Malcolm Gladwell on BBC News about how the Vietnam War…