Gulf of Mottama Project (GoMP), Myanmar: I support Helvetas and its partners in their work to build a productive research program that links research to stakeholders as part of the broader GoMP. This includes providing oversight to various Myanmar university research teams, contributing to the project’s research strategy, and guiding an Ecosystem Valuation Assessment.

Large Marine Vertebrates of the Philippines Research Institute, Philippines: Providing training and technical guidance on assessment of sea turtle & other marine megafauna bycatch in small-scale fisheries

Conservation Research & Training Advisor to the Myanmar Coastal Conservation Lab @ Point B Design + Training, Myanmar

(Completed 2017) Gulf of Mottama Project consultant, guiding IUCN’s work on a major multi-sector project in the Gulf of Mottama Project, Myanmar, including contributing to the work plan for Phase 2 of the project, overseeing revision of a draft management plan, designing and initiating a research skills-building program

Designing a Transdisciplinary, International Conservation Training Program with the Marine Mammal Institute @ OSU

(Completed 2017) Human Communities Technical Advisor for the development of the Dugong & Seagrass Research Toolkit, an e-tool for the Convention on Migratory Species Dugong MOU.