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Social-ecologist for hire. Aspiring writer. Here to help.

Curriculum Vitae

Now based in San Diego, hopefully *soon* resuming forays into the field around the world (…mainly Southeast Asia). Exploring the freelance lifestyle to allow for more quality time with family, particularly to improve as a communication partner for my brilliant, minimally-/unreliably-speaking autistic brother.

Please explore below to learn more as you like.

My professional work as a consultant conducting social-ecological research, trainings, and evaluation, as well as writing, falls under the umbrella of my company, Keiruna Inc. Main topics of work include marine megafauna conservation (including the issue of bycatch in small-scale fisheries) and interactions between conservation and communities.

I have a couple of fun, meaningful projects with my brother Danny – Leo in Bloom, an online magazine [COMING IN APRIL 2021] of sorts exploring the intersection of empathy, social issues, and our journey toward communication fluency, and The Ocean & Us Podcast, where we interview folks about oceans and the importance of inclusion in enjoying & saving them.

Another endeavor is an online conglomeration of ideas and perspectives from my experiences in the conservation field, which I originally wanted to “brand” as Grumpy Lady Conservationist but will likely call “Conservation Realist” instead [COMING IN LATE APRIL 2021].

And then there’s my *life story* in short, which I retain here not as a display of self-importance, but primarily because a number of aspiring researchers have told me that they found it helpful and relatable.

Keiruna Inc.

Consulting for more effective, equitable, & ethical impact

Research | M&E | Trainings | Facilitation | Outreach | Writing

*Life Story*

i.e. bit more of a bio

The Ocean & Us Podcast

The wonder of the ocean +
the importance of inclusion in enjoying & saving it

Directed & co-hosted by Danny Whitty

Leo in Bloom

Cultivate empathy &
Change will bloom


Conservation Realist

a.k.a. Grumpy Lady Conservationist


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