about me

Social-ecologist for hire. Writer. Here to help.

I am:

an easily seasick vegetarian who somehow chose to focus on small-scale fisheries and marine conservation for her profession

a social-ecological researcher, educator, and consultant working for more effective, equitable, and ethical conservation through my company Keiruna Inc. and as part of the MarFishEco team

an ally-collaborator & Communication Regulation Partner (CRP) to my amazing minimally-speaking autistic brother Danny

a curious and ever-striving-to-be-thoughtful traveler who is currently oddly obsessed with perfecting her travel kit during quarantine

a water baby working to cultivate more graceful moves on my bright yellow longboard (the banana boat)

and a feminist and generally-concerned-with-social-justice human

diving into the world of writing across these various realms!

Now based in San Diego, hopefully *soon* resuming forays into the field around the world (mainly Southeast Asia).

learn more below:

Keiruna Inc.

Consulting for more effective, equitable, & ethical impact

Research | M&E | Trainings | Facilitation | Outreach | Writing

The Ocean & Us Podcast

The wonder of the ocean +
the importance of inclusion in enjoying & saving it

Directed & co-hosted by Danny Whitty

Leo in Bloom Magazine

Cultivate empathy &
Change will bloom

with Danny & Eira Whitty

Conservation Realist

a.k.a. Grumpy Lady Conservationist

A publication highlighting real issues, perspectives, and ways forward for conservation