We are a sister-brother team based in San Diego, California, sharing a love for the ocean, social justice, and meaningful work and communication. We embrace mindfulness, creativity, and critical thinking across our varied projects and interests.

The name Keiruna represents our heritage and core values: keiro, Japanese for “pathway”; run, which can mean “beloved” and “plan” in Irish; karuna, the concept of compassion in Buddhism. Keiruna Inc. is an S Corporation established in early 2020..

Our other endeavors include The Ocean & Us podcast and the Leo in Bloom online magazine [coming soon].

Tara Sayuri Whitty, Ph.D.

Social-ecological researcher, project evaluator, trainer

I am a conservation professional with experience spanning academic and applied realms, including time with IUCN and numerous collaborations with small, local NGOs. Most of my experience relates to small-scale fisheries, marine megafauna conservation, and conservation impacts in the Global South, as well as broader work on conservation evaluation, various flavors of co-management, and trainings. I take a systems thinking approach to link creative ideas with practical, socially responsible solutions to conservation challenges. I am particularly interested in further exploring Design Thinking’s potential in the conservation world. I truly love working with researchers and communities around the world to better understand the pathways from conservation actions to outcomes and impacts, to work toward more inclusive, equitable, and informed conservation approaches, activities, and outputs.

With extensive on-the-ground experience (primarily in Southeast Asia, but with some work in Mexico and Madagascar) on diverse topics and with a large network of valued collaborators, I bring practical as well as academic rigor to this work, and am well-positioned to link any given project with existing initiatives and groups. I am well-versed in developing, planning, and implementing projects, as well as communicating findings and evaluating outputs. I also am part of the MarFishEco team of fisheries consultants, whose expertise includes quantitative analyses and policy work; we work collaboratively where diverse skillsets are needed.

I am driven to achieve meaningful, tangible outcomes. And I am always eager to branch out and work more in the intersections of conservation with development, public health, and social justice. And to decolonize conservation (and, well, everything else!)

I am in the process of dipping my toe into the nonfiction writing realm, and aim to share overlooked, fascinating, and important perspectives and stories from conservation as well as more personal stories.

I am also the proud Communication & Regulation Partner for my brother Danny, and an ally to nonspeaking autistic folks.

To learn more, go to tswhitty.com

Daniel (Danny) K. Whitty

Minimally-speaking autistic advocate, writer, & friend

Danny has served as an advisor for the learning toolkit for The Reason I Jump film and the ACES Talking with Doctors project.