Keiruna Inc.

Working for more ethical, equitable, and effective conservation
& Sharing important, unsung ideas and stories

Keiruna Inc. is an S Corporation, established in early 2020 to allow me to take on a greater diversity of contracts. At the moment, Keiruna Inc. is a one-woman operation, though I do work very closely with valued collaborators across various projects.

My conservation work generally takes a systems thinking approach to link creative ideas with on-the-ground, socially responsible solutions to conservation challenges, to generally understand and evaluate conservation impacts, and to identify and implement ways of improving representation in conservation at various levels. I work to train researchers (including youth, university students and faculty, and members of Civil Society Organizations), conduct novel research, and evaluate projects from a holistic, human rights-based perspective. I am particularly interested in further exploring Design Thinking’s potential in the conservation world.

With extensive on-the-ground experience (primarily in Southeast Asia) on diverse topics and with a large network of valued collaborators, I bring practical as well as academic rigor to this work, and am well-positioned to link any given project with existing initiatives and groups. I am well-versed in developing, planning, and implementing projects, as well as communicating findings and evaluating outputs. I also am part of the MarFishEco team of fisheries consultants, whose expertise includes quantitative analyses and policy work; we work collaboratively where diverse skillsets are needed.

It is my earnest hope that I can turn my passion for writing – thus far just a hobby – into a platform for communicating fascinating ideas, important information, and diverse perspectives, as well as more personal stories and lessons.

Though I have standard rates per day of work, this can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.

Understanding conservation systems

Research areas include:
Social-ecological systems (particular focus on coastal systems, including small-scale fisheries) including: marine megafauna bycatch; conservation processes (including stakeholder perceptions, mental models, scenario analysis, conflict, institutional analysis); ecosystem services; gender roles and inclusion; Design Thinking approaches to conservation.
Project evaluation: Developing indicators for social-ecological monitoring & evaluation; Qualitative evaluation of project impacts (including Most Significant Change)

Building skills + communication

Trainings include: Foundational skills (e.g. proposal and report writing, research design and processes, interview methods, data management, academic reading for ESL students, presentation skills; critical thinking, systems thinking, mindfulness); Specific topics (e.g. rapid assessment of marine megafauna bycatch in fisheries, gender issues in natural resource management, marine conservation topics, presenting research to stakeholders); Research team training
Facilitation experience in: stakeholder consultations; research and planning workshops; discussion-based research symposium for stakeholders
Outreach examples: Village awareness campaigns on marine mammal conservation; public presentations; guiding outreach strategy for Myanmar Coastal Conservation Lab

In words

Technical: Report writing and editing; Grant/proposal preparation; Management plan and project strategy preparation
Non-fiction: Eager to build experience publishing pieces on: environmental/conservation topics; travel; feminism; human rights; family, autism, grief; underrepresented ideas and voices

The name Keiruna represents my heritage and core values: keiro, Japanese for “pathway” (a major focus of my research); run, which can mean “beloved” and “plan” in Irish; karuna, the concept of compassion in Buddhism (and another major element in my work).