Long story short

(1) It’s been a while since I updated this, because (2) I was busy finishing my PhD, and am now (3) starting my NSF SEES postdoctoral fellowship at CMBC (yes, staying in beloved… Continue reading

Reminiscing: Christmas in the field, 2011

As I’m winding down my Christmas Eve and eager to begin a long winter’s nap here in San Diego, I’m going over some fond memories of holiday seasons past.  Particularly remarkable was the… Continue reading

Let’s move this science-policy-communication conversation forward

If you want to see me struggle to repress an eye-roll of great magnitude, just say, “Well, what is the role of scientists?”, or: “Scientists need to be better communicators.”  For added impact,… Continue reading

Overthinking Conservation

“You’re perfect for this fellowship, but there’s no ‘Whitty et al.’ yet… Your problem is, you overthink things.  You want things to be perfect before you send them out, but everyone else is going… Continue reading


Originally posted on SAFRN Blog:
Yesterday, I came across this story by Malcolm Gladwell on BBC News about how the Vietnam War might have followed a dramatically different course if those in charge…

“Lucky Charm”: For Autism Awareness Month

Though I wonder whether the plethora (excess?) of “awareness months” dilutes the meaning of such initiatives, I do try to take some time to reflect on whatever causes are associated with a given… Continue reading

SAFRN Blog: “Saving dolphins & Managing Small-scale Fisheries”

Some quick thoughts about addressing the marine mammal bycatch problem & how we need to see where we can align marine mammal conservation goals with fisheries management goals… motivated by discussions at the… Continue reading

Banning the Ivory Trade in Thailand [ACT - SIGN THE PETITION!]

The point of this post is to highlight WWF’s ongoing petition to the Prime Minister to ban all ivory trade in the country; if your attention span is short, but you like elephants,… Continue reading

Mystery of the Dead Dolphins

I saw my first finless porpoise yesterday! This is what it looked like:   Yes, sadly, it was very dead.  And, very sadly and perplexingly, it is one of six dead dolphins and… Continue reading